Director: Jessie Auritt

Release: 2016


“Supergirl” is born when Naomi Kutin, a nine-year-old modern Orthodox Jewish girl, sets a powerlifting world record 2012 beating women 3 or 4 times her age.   The film follows Naomi’s coming of age journey from 11 into her early teens, as she fights to hold on to her title. Along with the universal struggles of adolescence, Naomi is faced with strict religious obligations, cyberbullying, and serious health issues that jeopardize her ability to continue powerlifting. Can she still be “Supergirl” if she can no longer break world records? Ultimately, as she grows up, she must learn to accept herself and discover that her true strength is not in her muscles but in her heart.         80 minutes in length, suitable for all ages.

Show Times:
Wednesday, November 8, 7:10pm
Thursday, November 9, 2:30pm