Director: Ovidie

Producer: Marc Berdugo, Elfriede Leca, Serge Khalfon, Jérôme Pierrat

Release: 2017


“Pornocracy” came about completely by chance.  Ovidie discovered that, when typing her name into Google, videos featuring her were freely available on piracy-based tube sites and it was (apparently) impossible to get them taken down.  Some of the videos were from films she’d performed in toward the end of the ‘90s – films that had had only a few hundred hard copies made were now being seen by millions of people.  What began as a small personal inquiry became an international investigation about a “band of geeks” who created a mysterious multinational corporation.  From the most inadvertent to the most cunning, piracy-based tube sites have reshaped everything from sex work to sex education.  And our inability to talk about sex in a frank and forthright manner has fed these sites, fanning the flames of the situation we are in today.  Pornocracy takes significant steps to bring that conversation to light.  78 minutes in length.  Narrated in English with some subtitles.

Show Times:
Tuesday, November 7, 8:40pm