A Suitable Girl

Director: Sarita Khurana & Smriti Mundhra

Producer: Antara Bhardwaj, Sarita Khurana, Smriti Mundhra, Jennifer Tiexiera

Release: 2017


A Suitable Girl” profiles three young Indian women navigating the pitfalls of arranged marriages and matchmaking, highlighting the clash between old and modern methods of finding a husband.  The filmmakers movingly chronicle the young women’s emotional travails and the societal and family pressures they face. The three women  tracked over four years are Ritu, who studied abroad and has a successful career in Mumbai working for Ernst & Young; Amrita, who enjoys partaking of the many cultural and social activities that New Delhi has to offer; and Dipti, a schoolteacher who has been long obsessed with the idea of getting married.  The film examines these women’s complex relationship with marriage, family, and society in an objective and unbiased way.   97 minutes in length, some subtitles.

Show Times:
Wednesday, November 8, 5:00pm
Thursday, November 9, 6:30pm