Zonta Film Festival Organizers Interviewed on CTV’s Quick Fix at Five

November, 2017

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Eight powerful films set for annual Zonta Film Festival

November 3, 2017

Saskatchewan filmmaker Tasha Hubbard had been acquainted with journalist Betty Ann Adam for several years and knew something of her background, though no details.

When Adam was finally ready to tell her personal story in front of a camera, it was Hubbard she approached and from that place of trust evolved “Birth of a Family,” a feature-length documentary that will be one of eight films screened at the Zonta Film Festival Nov. 7 to 9, in Waterloo.

The festival, which includes a musical for the first time, supports female filmmakers telling stories of social advocacy and human rights.

Adam had been one of four siblings taken from their Dene mother and given to white families to raise during the 1960s Scoop, a practice that was sanctioned by the government. Some 20,000 Indigenous babies were placed in non-native households. Severed from their families and their culture, the impact on the children had long-lasting implications, even if they’d been raised in a loving home.

– Valerie Hill, The Waterloo Region Record

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Zonta Film Festival Named as The Waterloo Region Record’s highlight of 2015 and 2016.

January 1, 2016

“For Waterloo, I’m choosing the subject of my column for Nov. 14: The fifth anniversary of the Zonta Film Festival.

Like Cambridge Live Music, this is a citizen-led initiative, in this case with an aim “to showcase the work of women documentary filmmakers.” The films are from around the world; the curation, promotion and presentation are local: The event is a project of the Zonta Club of Kitchener-Waterloo, “an organization of professional women working together … to advance the status of women worldwide through service and advocacy.”

At the end of the festival’s three-day run at The Princess Cinemas, the organizers sent out a final report on what has been accomplished. Highlights include the program itself — “seven inspiring films about women’s empowerment and challenges” — and building an “advocacy wall” based on audience participation to identify and share the impact of the films.”

– Martin De Groot, The Waterloo Region Record

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